Artistic Dominatrix in NYC



Before you apply for a session, please make sure to familiarize yourself with the information on My website. I have a full schedule and reply selectively to respectful, thoughtful applications from suppliants who demonstrate an interest and compatibility with My unique style of dominance. I welcome beginners and people of any gender, race, orientation, or ability.

When you are ready, you may complete the form below. If you are unsure of anything, you may indicate so and answer to the best of your ability. Alternatively, you may email the same information to Me at Please note that I am busy and may take several days to reply, more if I am traveling.

Are you based in NYC, visiting NYC from elsewhere, or based in a city on My tour schedule?
e.g. dungeon, hotel, or consultation/ social meeting
Let Me know your desired session length and some dates/ times that you are available.
Would you describe yourself as a submissive, slave, masochist. fetishist, slut, pet, or something else?
e.g. novice, some experience, experienced, etc.
What are you hoping to experience, physically and psychologically? Which of My interests do you find most compelling? Do you have a particular fantasy you want to share with Me? If you are looking for a social meeting, what do you have in mind?
e.g. none, I don't like it but can endure a little, medium, heavy masochist
If you do not know, you may write "Unsure".
e.g. can't go on knees, wrist injury, latex allergy, etc.
Please provide the names and websites of 1-2 Dom(me)s who have agreed to give references for you. They must be verifiable independent professionals whom I can contact directly. Please indicate approximately when you last saw them. If you are new, you may write "none" and I will provide an alternative screening method.