Creative Dominatrix in NYC


Some of My favorites:

  • Mistress Tamar (Barcelona): I finally got to meet the brilliant Mistress Tamar during My trip to Spain last year. I love Her creative, subversive approach to BDSM.

  • Domina Nox (Berlin): My gorgeous, elusive humiliatrix friend, currently traveling the world. We bring out each other’s cruelty and sense of humor.

  • Heresy Craftwork (LA) Claire is a lovely person and artist, mesmerizing with a whip, and the creator of my favorite rainbow ones.

  • Goddess Nya (NYC): My amazing Goddess sister. The Dragoness. She will absolutely conquer you.

  • Lady Zombie (NYC): Truly a Mistress-of-all-trades. A regal and inspiring Dominatrix, performer, artist, and more. Hostess of the excellent Kink & Draw at Lucky on B.

  • Mistress Bella Lugosi (Berlin): An intriguing and bewitching Mistress with a similar theatricality and interest in the occult.

  • Phoenix Taillor (NYC): A lovely Aquarius and CBT enthusiast I am excited to collaborate with.

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