I specialize in long-term training and scenes of torment, transformation, and dark fantasy. Every scene is unique and designed according to the individual characters of My submissives and our unique chemistry. I have an endlessly dark imagination and a penchant for elaborate roleplay. While I am highly sadistic and enjoy playing at an intense level, I do not require this of all My subs. In fact, many of My sessions do not involve pain at all. I enjoy a wide variety of scenes and derive pleasure from getting inside your head in a multitude of ways.


Bondage: Immobilization, imprisonment, psychological bondage, mummification.

Dark Fantasy: Mind control, blackmail, making your erotic nightmares come true.

Fetishism: I love exploring fetishes, from the common to the obscure. Some of My personal fetishes include latex, leather, lipstick, velvet, and cashmere.

Initiation: Slut training, ritual and protocol, mystery rites, molding you to My desire.

Katabasis: Hypnosis, rituals of memory and forgetting, sensory deprivation and overload. I am trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis and incorporate it into many of My sessions.

Metamorphosis: Animal transformation, gender transformation from light crossdressing to full feminization, human furniture, human statue, etc. Making you into what I want you to be. Making you into what you are.

Punishments: I enjoy flagellation, caning, paddling, ballbusting, and the administration of Sisyphean tasks.

Sensual domination: Siren songs. Succubus possession. Not for the faint of heart.

Theatre: I enjoy all kinds of roleplay from medical to mythical.

Torture: I am a true sadist and revel in CBT, electrotorture, nipple torture, wax play, and ritualistic torture, among other things.

Worship: I may allow you to worship My shoes, boots, feet, gloves, or legs.

Social Meetings: Dinner, opera, shopping expeditions, cashmeets, conversations, consultations.

I enjoy organizing multi-domme sessions with My friends; please inquire.

I enjoy social meetings as a way to meet new submissives or as a complement to sessions. Please inquire about coffee/ dining/ shopping dates or accompany Me to the opera or one of My favorite museums.

Hard Limits

I do not smoke. I do not offer heavy breath play or anything else that I do not feel I can do to My high safety standards. I do not engage in misogynistic or racist scenes. I do not offer scat. I do not engage in any form of sexual contact, whatsoever. I will never involve non-consenting parties in a scene or engage in public play that violates the boundaries of bystanders.

If you are interested in an activity that isn't listed as one of My interests or limits, please ask.